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Code 251 and The Next World

by Floyd R. Cox (8-01-2016)

Archbishop James Ussher helped place events of the Bible in a chronological order. He has received a lot of credit for this, but he never found the 251-year pattern this present writer has discovered throughout the book of Genesis and elsewhere.

Ussher’s work, The Annals of the World, was published in 1658, two years after his death. The Annals is a chronology back to Adam, 4,004 BC, a timeline for the births, deaths and other events in the years AM (After Man).

Shem was born when Noah was 502 (251 x 2), and Shem continued to live for 502 years after the flood (Ussher: pages 21 & 27). Ussher states what happened in the years 1757, 2008, and 2259, but he never observed that these dates form a 251- year pattern:


         0 AM: =After Man, after Adam was created


1757 AM: Birth of Peleg, fall of Babel

2008 AM: Birth of Abraham

2259 AM: Birth of Joseph

2513 AM: The Exodus from Egypt

1757 = 251 x   7   (Ussher: page 21)

2008 = 251 x   8   (Ussher: page 22)

2259 = 251 x   9   (Ussher: page 29)

2510 = 251 x 10   (Ussher: page 39)



Each of these numbers after Creation is divisible by 251 except 2513. It should be 2510 AM, but Ussher made a 3-year mistake for the period between Abraham and the exodus. Ussher had no idea these numbers formed into a pattern!

Other time-patterns are covered in the following tabs such as the sabbaticals and jubilees. These observations will affect our worldview and help us spot a one-man-show who has not learned the basics. We need all the tools we can collect to defend ourselves from wild conjecture.


Introduction to
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Mystery of the Shemitah

The "Last Jubilee"?

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Age of the Universe

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The Next World

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Summary of
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Myths About
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Jubilee in
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Decoding the Oracles

Hebrew Roots Myopia

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50-year Jubilees

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Dance of the Planets
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First Century
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Christian Passover on the 14th or 15th?

Missing Dimension of the Hebrew Calendar

Sabbath Begins
at Sunrise or Sunset?