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Code 251 and Related Speculation

by Floyd R. Cox (8-10-2017)

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Archbishop James Ussher helped place events of the Bible in a chronological order. He has received a lot of credit for this, but he never found the 251-year pattern this present writer has discovered throughout the book of Genesis and elsewhere.

Ussher’s work, The Annals of the World, was published in 1658, two years after his death. The Annals is a chronology back to Adam, 4,004 BC, a timeline for the births, deaths and other events in the years AM (After Man).

Shem was born when Noah was 502 (251 x 2), and Shem continued to live for 502 years after the flood (Ussher: pages 21 & 27). Ussher states what happened in the years 1757, 2008, and 2259, but he never observed that these dates form a 251- year pattern:


         0 AM: =After Man, after Adam was created

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2008 AM: Birth of Abraham

2259 AM: Birth of Joseph

2513 AM: The Exodus from Egypt

1757 = 251 x   7   (Ussher: page 21)

2008 = 251 x   8   (Ussher: page 22)

2259 = 251 x   9   (Ussher: page 29)

2510 = 251 x 10   (Ussher: page 39)

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Each of these numbers after Creation is divisible by 251 except 2513. It should be 2510 AM, but Ussher made a 3-year mistake for the period between Abraham and the exodus. Ussher had no idea these numbers formed into a pattern! Other time-patterns are covered by the Related Topics, the tabs on the left, such as sabbaticals and jubilees.

Awareness of these patterns may affect our worldview and help us avoid becoming a presumptuous, one-man-show who has not learned the basics. We need all the tools we can collect to defend ourselves from wild conjecture.

Naturally, those who are fixated on Christ’s return will ask, “How do these patterns help us set a date for the coming of the Messiah?” Before addressing this, we need to consider other patterns including the one that divides time into jubilee cycles and then read the Related Topics.

Twelve Anti-Christian Messianic Movements
Triggered by Jubilees

I have found at least twelve times someone has set the date for Christ’s return at the beginning of a jubilee year. Moses had told the Israelites that, after they entered the Promised Land, they should begin counting sabbaticals of seven years each, and, in the seventh sabbatical, in the fall, on the 10th day of the seventh lunar month, they would be allowed to return to their settlement they had originally been given (Leviticus 25:8-16). 

One of the highlights of this study is to investigate various dates previously devised for the coming of the Messiah or for the return of Christ. There appears to be a pattern many of these false dates have fallen into. Here is a list of the ten Messianic Movements I’ve discovered, which are based upon what was believed to be the jubilee year.

1. After the Romans captured Palestine, the first Jewish revolt was easy to create because it began 3½ years before 70 AD. All one had to do was to say the first temple was burned ten jubilees (490 years) before 70 AD, when the second temple burned, and, therefore, it would be time to oust the Roman occupiers and take their land back. Sure enough, the rabbinical date for the first temple burning is 421 BC.

2. The same thing happened in the second Jewish revolt in 132 AD. This time, instead of making 70 AD a jubilee year, they reasoned that, since Ezekiel 40:1 implies there was a jubilee 14 years after the first temple burned, there would also be one 14 years after the second temple burned, 14 years after 70 AD, in the fall of 83 AD and also one 49 years later, in 132 AD.

Again the Jews were anxious to oust the Romans occupiers and restore the temple, the Levite priests and sacrificial offerings. Bar Kochba became their Messiah. Nevertheless, the Romans ousted the inhabitants and exiled them throughout the Roman Empire, especially into Italy, Portugal and Spain. 




3. 490 years after 132 AD, Mohammad left Mecca for Medina and found the Jewish inhabitants expecting their Messiah. It was their jubilee year. Mohammad felt that he fit the description, and today there is a mosque in Jerusalem on the temple mount.

4. In 1189, king Richard I left Normandy and began ruling in England as Richard de Lionheart. He organized the third Crusade against the Arab Moslems who were ruling Jerusalem. 1189 was considered to be the beginning of a jubilee year according to the rabbinical calendar, if creation were in 3761 BC. Richard became a type of Messiah.

5. In 1844, the Millerites predicted that Christ would return on the day of Atonement to begin the jubilee year, and the Jews would return to Palestine to get their land back. They calculated that it was 2300 years after 458 BC if the jubilees were 50 years apart.

6. The Millerites branched off into the Seventh Day Adventists and Church of God Seventh Day each having their own publishing facilities. A minister of the Church of God Seventh Day was a neighbor of Herbert W. Armstrong in Oregon, and he shared his literature with the Armstrongs until he could eventually sign Armstrong’s ministerial license. This undoubtedly explains why Armstrong said Christ would fight Hitler and Mussolini when he returned. This was about 100 years after 1844, perhaps another 50-year jubilee.

This is based upon:

a. There are still offshoots of Armstrong that believe that jubilees are 50 years apart, that is, in 1844, 1894, 1944, 1994 and 2044 AD.

b. A quote from 1940: (
) "The "DAY OF THE LORD" has not yet begun. It may be within one to five years (1941 to 1945)"

c. Autobiography of HW Armstrong

d. A copy of HW Armstrong's signed ministerial license

e. Attachments posted by an Ambassador College (student in 1973-75). I think it was posted at Giving and Sharing.

f. That neighbor became a leader over the Oregon Conference of the Church of God Seventh Day.

g. Church of God Seventh Day had its own publishing facility, and Armstrong would of necessity been exposed to its publications

h. Church of God Seventh Day had been exposed to the Millerites' belief that Christ would return on Oct 2, 1844, on Atonement, in a jubilee year. Publications based upon the Millerites are found HERE.

i. When Armstrong became independent, he continued to be supported by a fraction of members of Church of God Seventh Day, which believed the jubilee was in 1844 and would recur in 1944.

7. 1975 appeared to be another jubilee because it was 69 jubilees after Joshua crossed the Jordan in 1407 BC using today’s secular dating for Joshua (1407 + 1975 = 3381 yrs = 483 x 7 = 49 x 69).

8. 1973 AD would be a 49-year jubilee if they began with the Jewish date for Adam in 3761 BC, and this also coincides with a jubilee during Richard de Lionheart in 1189-90 AD at the beginning of the Third Crusade (A Treatise on the Sabbatical Cycle and the Jubilee, Zuckermann).

9. 1975 fits into a 50-year jubilee cycle if calculated from the Era of Abraham as 2016 BC (as in Eusebius’ work) after adding to it to 2008 more years back to Adam. This would place Creation in 4024 BC and would make 1975 the end of 6000 years after Adam (6000 – 1975 AD = 4025 BC).

10. However, using Ussher’s date for Adam, 4004 BC, 1975 becomes the last jubilee in 6,000 years ending in 1997 AD. This means 6,000 years are not equally divided by 49 since there is a remainder of 22 (1997 – 22 = 1975). It should be carefully noted that Ussher omitted 49 years, three years between Abraham and his father and 46 years for the temple (1012 BC instead of 966 BC).

11. It is likely there will be more dates set in the near future based upon the jubilee year. 2022 will be the 17th jubilee since De Lionheart’s jubilee. It will be the 42nd jubilee after Herod captured Jerusalem in a sabbatical year. It will be the 48th jubilee after Alexander allowed the Jews to continue observing their sabbaticals tax free after 331 BC. It will be the 118th jubilee after the rabbinical date of creation, the 122nd jubilee after the true date of creation. If a person sees this and does not give it some exposure, he should be lumped together with the blind hypocrites without oil in his lamp.

12. If there were a jubilee in 83 AD, there would also have been one after 49 years (in 132 AD) and one 49 years previously (in 34-35 AD), when Paul was called to send the gospel to all nations. This implies that the Jews expected their Messiah to expel the Romans and give them their land back during the previous seven years.


Previous Fulfillment

In addition to these twelve “fulfillments” of the jubilee, there are two more needing to be mentioned.

Here is the background. In 623 BC, 98 years after the Assryian captivity of Israel in 721 BC, king Josiah found the lost book of Moses and began a reform. Judea agreed to begin keeping every word written in the book, which included the sabbaths, sabbaticals and jubilees. Thirty-five years later, in 588/87 BC, the Judeans were required to release their fellow Hebrew servants during the sabbatical year. They released them and then took them back again. Therefore the Higher Realm decreed a release of its own for Hebrew slaves by driving the Judeans captive into Babylon. Jerusalem and her temple were destroyed.

1. 49 years after the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BC, Cyrus of Persia captured Babylon and released the Judeans to return to Jerusalem after 539 BC (II Chronicles 36:23; Ezra 1:1,2).

2. 49 years after Josiah’s reform in 623 BC, 14 years after the fall of Jerusalem, in 574 BC, the Higher Realm spoke of restoring the 12 tribes, Jerusalem, temple worship, Levite priests, and sacrificial offerings. This is likely what Solomon predicted when he dedicated the temple about 400 years earlier. Nevertheless, false prophets have used this return and restoration as a “foreshadow” of what would happen on their false dates they have set during the past 2,000 years.

3. Esther was crowned in the seventh year of the king of Persia. In Codex Judaica, this was in 362 BC. However, this date was 165 years off (, TABLE 3.). Codex Judaica can be found HERE. After correction, the date Esther was crowned would be in 527 BC, that is, 4 jubilees before Alexander arrived in Jerusalem in 331 BC, which were 6 jubilees before Herod conquered Jerusalem in 37 BC. This jubilee cycle does not align with or merge with the alleged jubilee cycle from 458 BC to 34 and 132 AD.  It does not align with the 50-year cycle from 458 BC to 1844 AD. Instead it merges with the 532 x 7 from Creation (in 3761 BC) to Herod (in 37 BC).

Spiritual Fulfillment

In contrast and in a spiritual sense, the Spiritual Manna from heaven went forth, and the Spiritual Water from heaven ran from the Mount of Olives. The Passover was fulfilled; the 12 scouts went forth; the temple veil was physically and spiritually removed and Pentecost was fulfilled. Stephen saw the throne beyond the veil, and Paul was called to enable the Higher Realm to dwell with ordinary people in all nations to fulfill the jubilee. Nevertheless, the Zionists await the jubilee trumpet to blow to allow them to return with their proselytes from all nations to get their land back, to rebuild the temple, to restore the Levite priesthood, sacrificial offerings (and for Abraham to return to his bondwoman, Haggar?) (Gal 4:24; Heb 7&8). 

 These twelve anti-Christian movements based upon incorrect dates for the coming of the Messiah should be an allert for those who are exposed to literature from the Hebrew Roots, Christian Messianic, Latter Day Saints, semi-Jewish, and Zionist movements.

Together these items form belief systems based upon circumstantial evidence and conjecture.

Date Patterns From 3761 o 37 BC

This is as simple as it gets... I'm referring to time patterns before Herod captured Jerusalem in 37 BC...
Pattern, repetition and design can resemble predestination, a realm of numerology, palm reading and pseudo-science. Truth depends upon the sources we quote. Dates prior to the temple have patterns.

3761 BC from Creation to Herod’s capture of Jerusalem in 37 BC, in 3724 years:

3724 years = 931 x   4
3724 years = 532 x  
3724 years = 196 x 19 
3724 years =   76 x 49

I highly recommend Codex Judiaca for restoring the missing 
165 years between Cyrus and Alexander, between 539 and 331 BC.
In the chart below, Hebrew dates needing corrected are on the left side (as in Codex Judiaca), but Rabbis often reject the corrections found on the right side.

165-year Correction

Esther   = 360 + 165 = 525 BC
Cyrus    = 374 + 165 = 539 BC
Temple = 422 + 165 = 587 BC
Josiah   = 457 + 165 = 623 BC
Assyria = 556 + 165 = 721 BC


135-year Correction

Temple   =   833 + 135 = 968 BC
Exodus   = 1312 + 135 = 1447 BC
Abraham = 1814 + 135 = 2149 BC

60-year Correction

Adam to Flood to Abraham = 1656 + 292 = 1948 + 60 (correction) = 2008 years
Creation to Abraham = 1948 + 60 = 2008 years
Creation = 3761 + 196 (correction) = 3957 BC.

427-year Pattern

Creation to temple = 3957 - 968 = 2989 years = 427 x 7
Exodus to temple = 480th year (after 479 years) (479 minus 52 = 427). 
Adam to flood = 1656 years (1656 plus 52 = 427 x 4). 
Flood to Abraham's calling = 427 years. 
Abraham to Exodus = 427 years. (Abraham's first calling to Exodus = 430 years.)
Adam to Peleg = 1757 = 251 x 7

251-year Pattern

Peleg to Abraham = 251; Abraham to Joseph = 251; 
Joseph to Exodus = 251. 
Abraham 100 + Isaac 60 + Jacob 91 = 251. 
Abraham 175 + Isaac 180 + Jacob 147 = 502 = 251 x 2. 
Noah to Shem = 502 + 98 = 600 yrs 
Shem 2 + 500 = 502 = 251 x 2.

The patterns are inescapable for those with just a little patience and focus to study them... without preconceived notions. Perhaps these patterns are why serious chronologists are reluctant to set dates prior to the temple, before 968 BC. They may have to eat crow.







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